Friday, November 1, 2013

Henan Projects

AnYang, Zhengzhou, Zhoumaidin, and Kaifeng asked for more infant chairs...

And as those of you who adopted before know--- these little ones need all the chances they can get to work on their core strength.  Two of my boys came home unable to sit up-- even though they were 2 years old-- so providing these chairs for the kiddos is huge.

 Praying that some of your cuties are in these pictures-- if they are let me know and I'll email them to you! I know what it's like to wait and to scour pictures in the hopes of seeing your little one!

 Oh the cuteness...

This is just one small example of what we do with the money we raise-- making these kids' lives just a little better until you go over there to bring them home.

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