Thursday, October 3, 2013

it is finished

The 2014 Calendar.

I have often thought about having someone else do the calendar for me to free up my fall.

But I just can't bear the thought of not perusing through all of those pictures.
My girlie month-- 

Some of you have been a part of this calendar since the beginning of HKI- 2009.
One of my favorites... spring.

And I LOVE seeing your kids grow and mature each year.
December.  Probably my favorite month this year.  The pictures you sent were stunning.

And I love meeting our new families and seeing new faces.

So I continue to hog the job.

Sorry folks.

If you'd like to see the calendar before ordering it, please email me.

My dear husband should have the button up on this site this weekend.

Remember-- it's all about the money-- the more calendars you buy, the more money goes to the orphanages.

Some new fundraisers coming soon as well!  Stay tuned!

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  1. Beautiful! Can't wait to place my order! You're right, it is fun to watch all of the kids grow up each year on the calendar!!