Tuesday, October 29, 2013

3 more days!!! And something for your sole.....

That's it-- 3 more days to order your calendar.  We will remove the ordering button on November 1st (this Friday).

Please remember-- if your cutie is in the calendar-- you need to order one (I mean, why else would you send me pictures if you didn't intend to stare at your cutie patootie for a month ??!!!)

I will place the calendar order next week and they should arrive mid November.  I have a wonderful helper who will then mail these puppies out, and you should receive them by Thanksgiving.

Starting this weekend, we will have a new button up to order these bad boys...

DeFeet running/cycling socks.  If you run or bike, you know how much these rock.
These socks breathe and last for YEARS.  (I still have socks from my half-marathon days 5 years ago!)

 Here is what the actual defeet sock looks like...

 And here is what our design will be for the 2.5 inch cuff

And for the 1 inch cuff.. (I personally love this one-- wear them all the time)

We will be selling these for $12 (plus shipping/handling)  with $6 going to HKI.  These normally retail for $15-- so you're also getting a great deal!  Our first runs will arrive in 3 weeks-- so you will have them by the beginning of December.  If you don't order early though-- you may miss out on our first run.  Hopefully our second run will be here in time for Christmas.

So-- order early, and pass this on to others!!!!

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