Wednesday, August 7, 2013

CCAI Premier Orphan Gala

HKI Families, we need your help.

CCAI is putting together a big fundraiser on September 7...

And right now it's a cozy gathering for 14 people.

We don't want cozy peeps.

We want big.

The more people that come, the more money we raise for those still waiting in China.

So if you live in the Denver metro area--

PLEASE, go HERE now and purchase your tickets.

Don't give us heart failure and procrastinate.

We want 200 people there.

This is an adult only event-- so get a babysitter and have a great date night!

But I don't live in Colorado.

 You can still help.

You can buy a table.

You can fundraise and be a sponsor.

You can put together an item for the Silent Auction.

We have 12 items.


We want 100.

Please.  If you have a business (like Scentsy or 31 or whatever) please put together a basket of items (with the retail value attached) and mail it to CCAI ASAP.

Need ideas?

Email me

But we cannot pull this off without your help.

Need motivation?

If you're already home with your child, look at him/her.

If you're waiting, look at their picture.

Because this is for them.

Those who are still waiting.

Those who have no heat, no AC no bug nets not enough formula, not enough clothes.

This is about making a difference.

And you may think your small contribution will not matter.

But it will.

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