Friday, January 18, 2013

Wish I had had this when we first started...

Back in the day.


Back in 2005 when we first began this crazy adventure called adoption.


That's 8 years ago...

Any way..

I would have LOVED having something like this to go to for information...


You might need your glasses on to read that.


8 years ago, we were NOT open to Special Needs at all.

Go ahead and laugh at that, those who know me now.

Then, we were open to like 2 needs.

And our daughter came home soon after, with a scar.

Yep, that was her SN, a scar from a removed hemangioma.

Then we went a bit further and said yes to Hep B.

And all 3 of our boys have Hep B.

And I am way passionate about advocating for that need.

For 2 years we said no to cleft lip and palate.

And y'all see where that got us.

We have 2 boys with cleft lip/palate.

All of our "NOs" were from fear or ignorance.


If you know of anyone who is thinking about Special Needs adoption... send them to this.

If you're unsure of some certain Special Needs (namely cleft lip/palate, heart, limb differences, and gastro issues) go to this conference.

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