Friday, January 4, 2013

What can I do?

This is probably the most asked question people ask me.

What can I, just one person, do to help those still waiting?

We can often feel so helpless when we think that we are all alone and acting as individuals.

But we're not alone.

There are well over 500 families with kids from Henan.

And together we can make a difference.

Can your family set aside $10 every month to donate to HKI?

Does $10 seem paltry to you?

How about if 200 families commit to $10 a month?

That's $2,000 a month.

Which translates to $24,000 a year.

And that, my friends, is no small amount.

Can you imagine the awesome changes we could make in those orphanages with that money?

We could build more LOCCs.

We could make those children's lives so much better while they wait for families to bring them home.

Do you go to church?

Ask if your church's children's ministry would consider donating their offering to HKI.  You could pick your child's orphanage and even a specific project in that orphanage.

Are you traveling?

Announce it on our Facebook page and offer to bring people's donations to China with you.

Having a garage sale soon?  Ask people to donate large, nice items, and have the proceeds from the sale go to HKI... partner it with a bake sale and you'll really bring in some money!

There is so much we can do and need to do...

They are worth it.

so get out there and DO..

Because love is an action.

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