Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Henan Delegation Meeting

How's that for a catchy title?  My Title creativity has totally left the building.

It is always so nice to meet new HKI families, say Hi to my old timers that have been around for the 4 years we've been doing this, and to put faces with names.

So... first and foremost... I want to post about these pretties...

These were made in Anyang by orphans who have Cerebral Palsy.  Josh gave them to me to raise money for HKI.  I am skiing for a $10 donation to HKI per flower.  Email me if you're interested

And if you stamp... I have this to give away for a $20 donation to HKI:

If you're interested in buying this set-- see below..

go to and click on clear stamps and Stamps for a Cause

Back to the meeting....

Here's Noah with his director.. She seemed to remember him...

And for a comparison shot, here she was with him back in March of 2010... the infamous cruella deville coat...

She's the one on the far left.

And here's just a bunch of pictures from the time we had with them..

 NanYang LOCC director, Xia, and one of the Civil Affairs Officials

 Lots of Henan families.. and the boys.. my heart leaps for joy when I see Henan boys..

 Noah getting his gift-- each orphanage brought different gifts-- necklaces, room decorations.. love having a piece of their province in their rooms.

 Look at all these Henan kids-- and just in the Denver area... amazing..

People often ask how I have the energy to run HKI, have 6 kids, etc.  But when you're doing something you're passionate about, it's not work; it's pure joy.  It is my passion to raise money so that we can help these orphanages provide for these wonderful kids waiting for families.

So while it is wonderful to celebrate your child's heritage through Chinese New Year and other traditional holidays, don't forget to give back to where they came from.  Give to another child what was, or what was not given to yours.  We have had both.  Ben and Noah suffered from neglect and that spurs me on so that others don't suffer the same fate.  Matthew, on the other hand, was loved beyond measure in Zhengzhou LOCC, and that, too, fires me up to provide that same love for other children still waiting.

We have all seen the difference love makes in our children's' lives once they come home.

But how about before they come home?

Let's help them.

Love does not wish.

Love does not ponder.

Love does.

What will you do?

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  1. We loved being there today and it was nice to see you and say hi. Thanks for all you do for the little ones from Henan. LOVE!!