Monday, December 3, 2012

Be a part of our HKI video!

We're making a video!

I have wanted to do this for some time, and it's definitely a need as several times, HKI parents have asked if we have a short DVD that they could use while doing a fundraiser (for HKI) and this can also be used for adoption awareness.

And we had zippo, nada, nuttin'.

And that is going to change.

A college student is blessing us by putting together a short video FOR FREE.

And we're blessing him by adding this project to his resume.

I love blessings that go both ways!


Here's what is needed.

If you'd like your child's pictures to be on this video
(please know that his video will be seen by hundreds, hopefully thousands of people, so if you send a picture in, you are TOTALLY OK with your kiddo being viewed in this fashion...)

please email your pictures (jpeg) to this address

DVDs will be available for FREE for HKI peeps to use for adoption awareness purposes, HKI fundraisers, or other events of that nature.

If you are STILL interested, here are the deets.

I don't want to overwhelm the poor guy with a gazillion pictures.

So please limit your number to FIVE per child.

If we need more-- I will so let you know!

Choose from any of the following categories:

1. Before pictures (i.e.  referral pictures, any pictures of your child BEFORE you adopted them)
yep, that's my cutie.  any question as to why he's ours now??!

2.  After pictures  (would love to have family pictures)

3.  Gotcha Day pictures

4.  Pictures of Henan, Zhengzhou, etc

5.  Orphanage pictures

No names please.

The focus of this video is twofold.  First, it will be about Henan, the conditions there, etc, and what HKI has been doing to help.  It will then move to the second part-- what can You do to help-- donate, sponsor, volunteer, and ADOPT-- and this is where the gotcha day photos and After photos will be.

Now for the due date.. For those of you who procrastinate, (and you KNOW who you are!) write this down:


 That was in bold and caps--- so it's important.

Please don't send him anything after the 14th-- let's respect this deadline, please.

If you have questions-- please email ME

Once the DVD is done, I'll let y'all know (that was for all you Southerners...) and if you need one, I'll mail it out to ya!

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