Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Love in Action

I have some totals for y'all.

And I am beyond excited.

We raised about $2100 with our calendar sales this year.

(I say about because we still have a few orders coming in.. so it may be +$100 or so)

And then an HKI family, Cathy and Brian Hill,  held an orphan relief concert through their church.

They received $1908 in donations.

But then that was matched.

So their grand total raised is $3816!.

Here is what Cathy wrote:

Upon leaving China in April, we knew there was more for us to do.

Fundraising seemed to be a given.  Brian has been able to do some concerts promoting domestic adoption, but Henan remains in our hearts forever in the eyes of our beloved Ava.

November 17, with National Adoption month as our theme, we invited people to our church for videos, testimonies and lots of music!  Brian opened with Celebration, celebrating forever families.  It was a beautiful time!  God was in the house!  And we were so very blessed.

Our friends and church family showed up and opened their hearts in amazing ways!  We thank HKI for being His hands extended and allowing us to share their joy!  We pray the money raised will go far and wide to love on these China blessings!

Thank you to all who sent photos!  There was not a dry eye!!

So what can you do as a couple, as a family, as a church, as an organization, to help those still waiting in orphanages in Henan receive better care?

And our grand total so far... $5,916!

And that does NOT include our 31 Gifts fundraiser....  so if you have wanted to order something from 31-- please do so before Saturday!!!!  

I am beyond thrilled to tell Xia how much money we have to work with.. can't wait to see all the projects we can complete!

Thank you all!!

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