Saturday, November 10, 2012

Calendar and 31

You can tell I'm not playing my A game when the titles of my posts are that boring!

The good news?

 Calendars are IN and I am mailing them out this next week!

The not-so-good news?

I might have to get a little "parental" on some of y'all.

Some of you missed the ordering boat.

And several families submitted pictures but never placed an order.

Which bums me out.

I'm hoping you just got distracted with life and forgot.

Because I do bust my buns to make room for every one of y'all with the expectation that you'll order a calendar to see your cutie patootie up on the wall.


If you muttering oaths under your breath about how you just totally forgot-- please email me.  If we can get about 25 additional calendars ordered.. then we are good like refrigerated peanut butter cups.

The calendars ordered for orphanages and Rita, Yisha, and Vivian will be on their way to China via a new Henan mom before the end of the month!

The waiting child and travel departments LOVED their calendars-- as did Josh and Lily-- thank you all so much for your donations!

Please don't forget our 31 gifts fundraiser now going on until NOVEMBER 23!!!!!! That's 13 more days!!!

CLICK HERE to place your order.

Wanna see what I bought?

Don't have a real wallet... so excited to get one!

i LOVE the retro metro bag... so useful.  I got this one embroidered with "Adoption Rocks!"

Got this purse in black with "Mom's Stuff" embroidered on it

And... got the medium utility tote in the snowman print for $5!!!!

Not into 31 bags and stuff?  Then share it on your blog or Facebook-- 31 is PRETTY darn popular-- and someone somewhere may be wanting to buy stuff for Christmas AND they can help HKI at the  same time!

Speaking of Facebook-   we have an HKI FB group-- if you're friends with me-- you can ask to join--.

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