Thursday, November 1, 2012

A fundraiser just in time for the holidays.....

Tis' the season for running around like a crazy person, trying to get gifts marked off your "to buy" list. 
Retro metro tote-- I LOVE mine.. 

This season, mark off your list quickly and at the same time help children living in orphanages. 

How, might you ask, can I do that? 

Well, here are the deets.

From November 2nd to the 23rd every purchase made from Thirty One, through our Henan momma and friend, Jennifer, will benefit HKI. 

100% of her commission will be donated and that money will help with tons of projects.

By marking off your Christmas list with Thirty One gifts, you're also helping provide medical equipment, food, clothing and other very important items to children in need. 

Win-win, right?

To make the deal even sweeter, there is a rockin' special this month!

For every $35.00 spent, customers can get a fabulous *Medium Utility Tote* for 5.00! 

Yep, 5 bucks. 

New Spirit gear

How cool would it be to give a great gift for just 5 dollars? 

So, as you look through your shopping list, consider using Thirty One to bring smiles to more than just the people on your list.
Here is the direct shopping link for HKI's fundraiser: 

If you have questions about products or ordering feel free to contact Jennifer, via her website <>

To get this fundraiser spread far and wide we've got a little incentive for our bloggy Momma's and Daddy's out there.
Share this fundraiser on your blog and then link back here in the comments with your blog post and we'll enter you into a drawing for the #1 selling product in October, an Organizing Utility Tote!!!! The drawing will be held Nov. 24th! :)

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