Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Sittin' Pretty

Thanks to an HKI family, kiddos in the Zhengzhou, NanYang, and LuoHe LOCCs have these to help them learn how to sit up:

Some Luohe sweethearts modeling their new chairs

Getting some string time in NanYang

And my favorite LOCC, Zhengzhou, and their cuties

And here's a picture of some strollers we bought for  the JiYuan orphanage:

Please don't forget to order your Calendars ASAP-- I will remove the order button at the end of this month, and every year I have at least one family who misses out because they waited till the last minute and forgot.


These projects-- the chairs, strollers, etc.. are made possible ONLY because of the money donated by YOU and from our fundraisers.

The money we raise DOES make a difference.

YOU can make a difference.

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