Tuesday, October 30, 2012


Today is it.

The LAST day to order your HKI calendar.

If you submitted a photo-- please order a calendar-

If you're waiting to bring a little one home-- your order could go to a project that directly helps your little one.

We buy equipment, formula, clothes, toys, whatever the orphanages need to better care for these kids.

I honestly have no idea how many we've sold so far.

Been a bit too busy to look.

But whatever the amount is, I know we'll put it to good use.

And stay tuned..

We have a BIG 31 fundraiser coming in November.

Just in time for Christmas.

100% of the commissions will be going to HKI.

So shop for yourself and others this holiday season AND help those still waiting.


  1. I can't get the paypal button to work correctly. I keep getting an error message when i hit it. I will try back in about thirty minutes to see if paypal is down.

  2. I also tried to order a calendar today and the PP button was still not working. I hope we are not out of time. You can reach me at s.schwedt@comcast.net if the PP button is available on 10/31. Thanks, Sandy

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