Thursday, September 20, 2012


For calendar pictures will be this Sunday, September 23.

Cuz after that life gets really hairy.

Like the movie  Rapunzel hairy.

And frankly?

I'm not going to have time to download pictures, rearrange pictures on the calendar, and all that jazz.


This is it.

If you have NOT sent in a picture-

this be your FINAL chance to do so.

If you have sent me a picture.

Please don't send any more.

I love your kiddos.

I love your mad photo skills.

But I just can't take any more.


So on Monday.

Please do not send me an email saying how much you meant to send me a picture but didn't cuz you were busy but you really want in.

Because I know myself and I WILL rearrange my life to help you.

But please don't do that to me.

The button to order calendars will be up next week.

Please share with everyone you know.

A calendar of cuteness AND money for a good cause?

Does it get any better?

LAST CHANCE!!! Procrastinators-- I'm talking to you!

Email me!

And because I need a cute picture to go with this post...

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