Saturday, September 22, 2012

Check it out** Updated**

The following people have calendars purchased for them:

Zhengzhou LOCC
Kaifeng LOCC
Waiting Child Department
Josh and Lily
Travel Department
The following people/SWIs  are still open:

All other orphanages in Henan

I highly recommend asking me to share the 2013 calendar link with you before ordering.

I try my absolute darndest to make sure every family who has submitted a photo is represented.

But I am human.


I know!

It was a shock to me too when I discovered that!

And I would absolutely hate for you to order a calendar and not have your cutie in there because my eyes got blurry one day.

So.  Email me

And I will share what I have so far.

Just waiting on my last minute peeps.

And you know who you are.

Don't think I won't insert your Gotcha Day photo, Jennifer!

Tomorrow is THE LAST DAY!!!!!!!

And heck.  I can't have a calendar post without a calendar picture, can I?

Insert shameless plug for my own 3 adorable Henan boys.

If you would like to purchase a calendar for your child's orphanage (Xia will bring it with her when she travels in December) or for CCAI (Waiting Child Department, Travel Department or Josh and Lily) please indicate that when you order.  I will gift wrap it for you and present it to them.  I am buying for Xia, Yisha, and the Zhengzhou LOCC. I would love for Rita and Vivian to have one as well.  Email me if you decide to do this- so I can post what orphanages/people are covered on the blog so we don't duplicate.

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  1. Emily,
    Can you send me the link. I would also like to purchase a calendar for Amazing Hands Foster Home in Beijing. Thanks, Rene' Runner