Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Calendar Update

Duly noted.
When I say there might not be a calendar,
Prepare for inundation of pictures of cuteness.

We are go for launch!

Lots of new families..

And some who have been there since the first calendar in 2010.. love my regulars..

and then those I've had the pleasure of meeting.. cuz this world is a lot smaller than you think...

I've met a heck of a lot more than that.. but I'd run out of space...

And then there's the pictures that make me laugh out loud...

And thank God you own a camera...

I truly am blessed to be working on this calendar.

We have until mid-October to send me your pictures.

In early September we'll have the order button up and running (we use PayPal if my memory, which is not always reliable, is correct.)

At the end of October, I have to order the calendars- so if you're traveling in September or October-- you still have time!!!!

Calendars will be delivered to you around Thanksgiving- so you will have them for Christmas.

Two years ago we raised over $4,000.

Last year was about $3,000.

I'd like to do better than that.

And that's where you come in..

Once I have the order button up-- I need YOU to advertise!!!!!

At your workplace.

At your church.

Because over 50% of the money goes directly to HKI and we have zippo nada overhead costs..

I don't get paid.  All money that is donated is spent on projects that are backed up with pictures and receipts.

It is not going into some black hole.

It is going to them...

Love is an action verb.

Let's go do it.

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