Sunday, July 1, 2012

Yisha and her book

Hello all!!!

I am in Zhengzhou right now, and only 17 hours until Gotcha time...not that I'm counting!

I gave Yisha her photo book (I also gave one to Rita) and she LOVED it!  I sat with her while she looked through it, and I was amazed.

She remembers almost all of the kids in the book.

She remembered NiNi, Bonnie-- and couldn't believe how big she was!

She remember the Schaller's son and his accident on gotcha day.

She remembered you Jennifer Decker by name!

Amy Cantalina-- she so remembers you and your girls and asked how Lily was doing and I found out how you learned to speak Chinese!!

She could recall specific families, their quirks, their ordeals, everything.

This woman has a steel trap mind!

What a blessing it was though, to look through the book with her and to see her remember your children and to be amazed at how far they have come.

Thank you to all who participated!!!

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  1. What a treasure for her! Thanks again for taking on such a sweet project, Emily.