Saturday, July 28, 2012

An Invitation

We all have so many different experiences on this journey called adoption.

And I doubt I'm the only one who would like to hear yours.

If you have a story and pictures you'd like to share about your journey to your Henan child, please email me

Some ideas?

Orphanage visits

Did reality meet up with what you thought it'd be?




You name it, if you'd like to share it, we'd like to read it.

You can email your story to me along with pictures and I will post it on the blog as yours.


  1. Emily I am open to post any of the stories from our blog and testimony to our journey to Grace or Olivia - if you remember one that hit you in particular let me know. I wouldn't know where to start to choose.

  2. hello!
    I am from HeNan and grew up in an orphanage. I love your blog and love that this group tries to Help kids who are still in HN. I did not get adopted when i was there...but I am so far the only one who got to come here to study without getting adopted. I started a blog a few week ago and decided to write/share my true story...maybe some adoptive parents want to know things about HN,they can follow me...
    feel free to ask question if i can answer...

  3. Mia,
    Thank you for posting! I am very excited to follow your blog and can't wait to learn more about you!