Thursday, May 31, 2012


Some times when we fundraise, we get so caught up in numbers and all the work it takes, that we forget WHO we are all doing this for.

So in case you've forgotten.

Here are pictures taken in the last week of our most recent completed projects.  I pray that those of you waiting to bring home a cutie find him/her in one of these pictures.

Bottle Sterilizer for LuoHe  I seriously love Mr. Elmo there.


Bottle Sterilizer for Zhengzhou LOCC

And my favorite picture-- the Zhengzhou LOCC gang.. My Matthew is the dude to the right in yellow. June will be his last month there!!!!

We also just purchased a height measurement bed, 2 mosquito lights and 2 nursing pillows for the NanYang LOCC and 2 strollers, some nursing pillows, and a height measurement bed for the Zhengzhou LOCC.  Pictures of those to come soon!

If you are traveling to Henan soon, please try to bring donations with you!  Right now they are in need of Cleft bottles (email me for brand) summer clothes for ages 0-24 months (I am hitting a consignment store next week- 50-70% and am stocking up!) and infant toys.  I am leaving in FOUR TO FIVE WEEKS!!! As are a bunch of other people-- you can always ship items to us to bring over:)

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