Thursday, May 24, 2012

the book

I just received my 2 copies of the Born in the Heart Henan album today.  It looks great!!!! I had 2 typos to fix and those are done, so if you were wanting to order it, just scroll down to the post below this one, click on the link to Shutterfly and you can order your own... it's about $55.  If you would like to write Yisha a letter for me to stick inside her book, please feel free to either email one to me or you can snail mail it (email me for my address.) I do need it soon- as I hop to be outta here at the end of June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep sending in the calendar pictures!!!! For are some DOs and DON'TS in choosing which pictures to submit:

1. DO make sure the resolution is high enough-- i can't use low-res photos.
2.  DON'T always have your kiddo posing.  Some of my favorite pictures have been of impromptu pictures
3.  DO label the pictures with your last name and a number.  I will like you so much more if you do this for me.
4.  DO send me gotcha day photos, in-China photos-- who DOESN't tear up at the first moment between parent and child?
5.  DO go OUTSIDE!!!! I love outdoor photos-- the lighting is better, everything is better!
6.  DO think which month this photo would fit in:  I need spring photos (flowers), winter photos (snow), fall photos (leaves--- October 2012 is my FAVORITE month- LOVE!!!) , summer photos (beach, pool, etc),
7.  DON'T be afraid to edit your photo- black and white it, whatever....
8. DON'T and I can't emphasize this enough.. DON'T wait till the last minute to send it in.  Every year, without fail, I have 2 or 3 people who miss the deadline.  If you take an awesome photo one day- send it to me (email)  you do NOT have to send them all at once!!!!

And I would like to do what I did last year and just have an awesome cover photo- which will also be put on a magnet as a special gift for y'all.  If you'd like to have a photo be considered for the cover and magnet, let me know!!!!

This was last year's cover and magnet:

Hard to top, huh?!

And here are some photos for our 2013 calendar to inspire your photographic skills:

This one just make me laugh out loud.. because seriously-- haven't we all felt that way while driving???
I will completely admit that none of my pictures thus far are inspiring.... So I am in the same boat as many of you!  

The calendar is our HUGE fundraiser.. and the more of you that participate, the more we sell.  The more we sell, the more money we raise.  The more money we raise, the more projects we can fund.  The more projects we can fund, the more kids that can have warmer clothes, formula, toys, cribs, etc.

So you see why I'm just a bit enthusiastic about it?

This isn't just about a cute calendar.

This is about changing lives for the better.

Love is not a feeling.





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  1. Are you looking for pictures of henan kiddos only or from any provience of china?