Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Calendar Pictures, and a whole bunch of other stuff...


First I have to have a mom moment..

here's my new little guy.... got fresh pictures a few weeks ago...

but that's not the best part... this is:

are you digging the hair??!!!! This style is new to me-- but maybe I'm just not up to date on the current trends!

So with Xia back now... I should be receiving a whole new list of projects that need our help!


Calendar Pictures!!!

As much as I LOVE getting 200 pictures for the calendar at the last minute...:)  I would LOVE it even more if you could start sending them to me now..  So if you've got pictures from last November-present that you'd like to send to me... click here and email away!

Henan Photo Album.  The photo album for Yisha will also be given to the CWAA, the Henan Adoption Officials, and we're going to give one to CCAI as well.  If you haven't already sent me a picture (and you know who you are!) Get on it!!!! I have about 80+ families so far-- but would love to see at least several hundred!!!

The new pictures for the blog should be up soon-- I am also having a new blog button made as well.

Spring is a great time for garage sales!  Consider having one to raise money for HKI!!!!


  1. OK - guilty as charged. I will send you my Yisha pic's next week when we get back from vaca.

  2. We are in China now and will happily send pictures after our Nanyang Gotcha on Thursday. :)