Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Calendar and Album Busy-ness

It IS  that time of year.

And I DO  want your pictures.

Remember the rules:

1. I can only accept pictures of kiddos after their adoption (so from Gotcha Day on)
2.  I will love you all the more if you label them the following way:  lastname#.jpeg (Adcox4.jpeg... the number indicates which picture if you send more than one-- which you of course can do!)
3.  Remember I need all types of pictures:  family, in China/gotcha day, CNY, seasonal, sibling, alone, etc... 
4.  Deadline for pictures will be some time in September.. so all of us travelling in the summer-- get ready to take good pictures!
5.  This is NOT just for newbies-- I love to see the old timers (2007-2009 families) in there!!!

We are also working on ideas to cut costs so that more money goes to HKI.  Currently, I use Shutterfly to make the calendar, which costs $10 per calendar- no taxes and no shipping.  If you know of a printing company that can make our calendars for FREE because it's for charity or for cheaper-- let me know!

Also-- shipping and handling kills us (I ship all the calendars out).  If we could cut costs here- that would be awesome!  If we could get the envelopes donated- that would save us well over $100.  Another idea is for me to mail them to a volunteer in a region of the country and then that person mails them (at their expense) to others in their area).  We also could do a chip-in on the sidebar of the blog and people donate specifically to offset these costs.

I welcome any and all suggestions to make this a better fundraiser with more money going to HKI!!!

Email me at

Also- if you want to participate in the Henan Family Photo Album, I need pictures ASAP.  If things continue to move as fast as they have been this past month, we could very well travel in mid-June.  This means I need to finish and order the album late May at the latest.  This means I need pictures NOW.  Remember-- it can be family, or solo, most recent is best, and I need the child's Chinese name, orphanage, year of adoption, and state where you live.  If you're in process right now-- go ahead and submit a recent photo of your kiddo to be with 2012 as your year. 

Some have asked if they can order a copy-- and the answer is YES!!  When it's done, you can email me, and I can share the link with you via Shutterfly and you can buy it-- no money goes to HKI.  Right now-- it is up to $67-- I may have to convert it to a paperback format.  We have 30 pages of families-- so about 120 families so far!!!!!

And I'll leave you with some great Calendar picture submissions.... for inspiration...

Some of you have some crazy picture taking talent!!!

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