Sunday, April 22, 2012

1 More Month....

I have close to 100 families in my Henan Family Album to give to Yisha and the Henan adoption officials. CCAI just sent out an email that in March, they (CCAI) placed their 1,000th child from Henan with a family!  I would really like to have more pictures in this album, so if you've been procrastinating... you only have until May 31---at the latest-- to submit your photo.  I expect our Article 5 to be picked up that week, and as soon as it is, I'll no longer accept photos as it takes a few weeks for the book to be put together and TAs have been coming in pretty darn fast!  So if you just got back from China-- submit your favorite photo!  If you've been back for 4 years-- submit your photo!!! I need a good photo, your child's Chinese name, their orphanage, and the year you adopted him/her/them :)  Please email them to .

And here's some of the pics I've gotten so far...

Love every single one of them.


  1. Oh my, I was just looking through our pics today and I have one I could submit but its just not that great. I was looking for one of our entire family, even though we've been home two years I could use one from the White Swan. If I don't get a good one soon, I'll submit what I have. Thanks for doing this, how very special this is!

  2. Hi, we have PA for our son who resides in foster care in {Pindingshan} Henan. I'd love more information on what you all do and if you have any PDS affiliation. I sent an email a few days ago through the website but haven't heard from anyone. Would love to know if you are involved there. You could also add our blog to the Henan list if you'd like. :)
    Thanks so much!