Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Smell of Spring...

Today's day numero uno of our fundraiser with Scentsy!  Those of you already familiar with Scentsy-- skip this part and just go there now and shop-- all new Spring fragrances are out!

New to Scensty?  Think I've misspelled a word?

Scentsy rocks, in my opinion-- because you get the best of both worlds... a great smelling room/house, without the danger of a lighted candle.  I've got 5 (almost 6!!!!) young kids.. a lit candle is just asking for a 911 call.

So.. you buy a warmer.. like these:  ( I have the pine cone one... and maybe a few others....)

There's a small light bulb inside that heats the top (and yes, you can buy replacement bulbs-- though they do last a LONG time).

Then you buy some fragrance in either bars (little packs) or bricks (you LOVE and are committed to that fragrance):

You determine the strength of the fragrance by how much of the bar or brick you put in. Bored with it after day?  They are way easy to change out.

A big Yankee Candle fan?  You'll love Scentsy even more..

Do you have lots of boys?

Your house might be smelly.. just sayin'

Have kids in diapers?

Your house does smell, just admit it.

Kelly, who is a fellow adoptive mom with one from China and one so close to being home from Korea (she also is the one with the Got Love? Adopt shirts... go to her site to see all the things she has!) will be donating the profits from this sale to HKI.  Last September we raised over $200!!! 

But this sale won't last forever.

Wow.  I just sounded like a used car salesman there.

This fundraiser will only go through March 15.  Two weeks.  Dos  ... whatever "weeks" is in Spanish.

Tell your friends, shop for Easter, shop for Spring, shop for yourself, shop for Mother's Day.. heck, just go there and shop!!!!

Click HERE   to shop.  You will see "Henan Kids International" as a party.. yes we are a Partay!  Click where it says "Buy from Party" so that the money gets donated to us.. Then have fun!!!!!

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