Monday, February 20, 2012

Wanted: Cute Faces

                                           Like this one!  (He's mine, had to brag)

I've had the blog up and running for 1 year now, and would like to give others the opportunity to have their cuties be the ones you see on the header and sidebar.  

Here's what I need:

Pictures of your HENAN (cannot be a cutie patootie from another province) cutie BEFORE they were adopted.

I'm thinking I will need about 24 new faces for the blog.  I will send them to my blog designer (who is FAB by the way.. if you need your blog done) and she will make the final decisions and voila!  new cute faces for the blog!

If you're interested... Please email me your pictures (the sooner the better!)

Remember- if you're new- send me your blog site and I'll add it to our sidebar!!!

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