Saturday, February 11, 2012

Upcoming Events....

1.  March Fundraiser

We are going to partner up once again with my Scentsy and fellow adoptive mom, Kelly Apisa, and have another Scentsy fundraiser!  We raised over $200 last September with this, and on March 1, Scenty's new Spring/Summer line is coming out-- along with some brand new products!!! So if you're a Scentsy fan like me-- wait until March 1 to stock up for spring and summer.  Never tried Scentsy?? Give it a go-- their scents and warmers are awesome-- love them so much better than any other candle I've tried!

2.  April Fundraiser
I am planning to work once again with Wheat and Wildflowers .  We  raised over $600 last February with this fundraiser.  This year... I am hoping to have the 2 HKI necklaces available  plus one for Mother's Day.  Stay tuned for that one!

3.  2013 HKI Calendar

It's never to early to start thinking about this project-- especially this year.  Yours truly will be in China adopting the cutest boy ever in July and then promptly moving into a new house in August/ 3 busiest Calendar months.  So I am begging you... please send pictures early.  Sending me 20 pictures in August ain't gonna make me a happy woman. So as you take pictures, send them to ME !!!  I want to see lots of new faces as well as my tried and true loyalists who have been doing this every year!!  If this is your first year.. here are the rules:
1.  Pictures have to have a Henan kiddo in them.. Siblings, other family members are awesome to have in there- but the Henan cutie must be in there!
2.  Please consider your background when submitting photos... Do you really want to send in a photo with your dirty laundry in the background?  Be purposeful in your photo selection!
3.  I need photos that are outside, in the fall, spring, summer, winter, siblings, mom and kiddo, gotcha day photos, dad and kiddo, kiddo alone.... you name it.  Send as many as you like.  When you send them, it helps if you rename them as follows:  lastname#.jpeg  (Smith4.jpeg....i.e that was the 4th photo you sent me)

Questions?  please feel free to ask.. I can also email you a copy of last year's calendar to give you an idea.
4.  I need an OUTSTANDING photo for our cover.. Last Year's will be hard to top!

Have a great weekend!


  1. Can you email me a copy of the calendar? We'd like to participate this year!

  2. Hi Emily,
    I have not forgotten about my blanket donation. I am waiting to hit the fabric store next week. I thought I would get to Denver or COS before now but it has been a no go with weather. Sorry for the delay! Should I mail them to CCAI?


  3. Hey Emily! I would like to help out! I would like to donate 5 of my owl pillows that I usually sell for $20 each. I'd like to send you some pics of what they look like! I am about to get into my second round and could send you a pic of each pillow I will be donating. I have been making them and selling them to help us fundraise cashola to put towards or CCAI adoption! We are LID and patiently waiting for our waiting child! Please let me know if I can call?? And I can give you a rough idea of when I can drop them off at CCAI?