Wednesday, February 15, 2012

snug and cozy

Remember those blankets I asked you to make?

Well, they're no longer in my room in a corner.

They're not at CCAI waiting to be shipped.

They're in NanYang keeping some seriously cute babies warm during a cold winter:

See that monkey one?  That's mine! (the blanket, not the cutie).  And I see a cute penguin print and a purple one!  I wish I had a picture of every single one of your blankets.. If I was there, I would so do that.  But I'm not...sigh...  But if you sent a blanket before the first shipment- know that your blanket IS in NanYang LOCC and right now it's keeping someone warm. Thank you!  I still have a HUGE box of blankets, hats, sleepers to take to CCAI this week- those will go out soon.  And thank you Amy for helping with shipping costs!  If you'd like to donate money to help with the next shipment- please go to our DONATE button on the sidebar and on your donation, please indicate it's for shipment of blankets costs.

We also bought these nursing pillow for the babies to have some much needed tummy time-- strengthening those neck and tummy muscles!

This is what we're all about... making these little ones' lives a little better before their families come to bring them home...

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