Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Gift for Yisha*** updated

If you have adopted from Henan or AnHui- most likely you had Yisha as your guide.  We have been lucky enough to have her for all 3 of our adoptions.. and frankly- I just can't imagine a trip without Yisha.  If any of you had sticky situations in Henan- she got you through it.  We have personal experience with that ourselves.

As I am getting ready to go back to Henan this June (!!!!!), I've been wanting to bring a special gift for Yisha.  And yesterday, it hit me.

I want to make a photo book (I'll do it on Shutterfly) of kids/families that Yisha has helped over the years.

Here's what I want:

A picture of your child-- preferably with family--  Please just send one.  If you're like me and have 3 kids via Yisha, try to send a family picture all the kids in it.

I also want the child's Chinese name, their Orphanage and the month and year you travelled.

Here's my example:

                                                              The Adcox Family
                                            Ling Yi Fei, Bengbu, Anhui Province, August 2007
                                            Xu Zheng Liang, LuoHe, Henan Province, November 2008
                                            An Guo Qing, AnYang, Henan Province, June 2010

I plan on travelling in late June, so I will need to have pictures by late May/first of June.  Please email them to me

Right now, my outgoing mail is screwy- so if i don't respond- Facebook me (Emily Adcox) and I can let you know that I got it.   Share this with your travel mates and anyone you know that has had Yisha.  She is one incredible lady and I'd like to show her how much she has meant to ALL of us.

**** Just thought of this as well-- If you'd like to write her a letter/thank you and mail it to me- I will put the letter in the book with your picture****Please email me for my address.


  1. I'll be sending something your way! What a GREAT idea!!!

  2. oh that is an awesome idea! I'll send you a picture! Love Yisha and Rita!

  3. Great idea. Our family would love to be included and i will look for a picture! She was so good to us, and she knew how sick our baby was far better than we did!!!

  4. great idea, yisha is AWESOME...will send pictures

  5. This is a wonderful idea. It broke my heart when we went to her with a problem one afternoon with our sick kiddo and found out she hung up on a call with her daughter to help us. Yisha is such a wonderful person. I'll be sending something.