Friday, February 24, 2012

Deadline for Blog Pictures

Alrighty folks...

You have some seriously cute photos of your kiddos.

It's a wonder we survive the wait!

And just because I want to.. I'd like to share some of them..
                                       Seriously cute guy alert.. love him
                                       I love this guy because I remember when he was on the CCAI WC list online!!    I  watched him for ages... so thrilled he has a family!

All right.. so let's talk deadlines here.  If you want your child's picture(s) considered for the blog, I HAVE to receive them by this SUNDAY NIGHT (February 26).  I will be emailing them to my blog designer that night.  In a few weeks, she'll re-do the pictures.. And thankfully, SHE chooses them.. not moi.. So glad.. There's way too much cute to choose from..

And keep sending pictures for Yisha.. I'm making the album as I get them.. And I'm having so much fun doing it!!! If you're in other CCAI Yahoo groups-- please share the info!

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