Friday, October 7, 2011

long distance love

these little ones need cribs.  We need 40 total and each one costs $100  They will go to Zhengzhou LOCC, Pingdingshan, and LuoHe LOCC.  We plan on buying one for Zhengzhou as our son is currently in their LOCC.  What a great way to give to the child you're waiting for OR to bless the facility that cared for your child.  If you'd like to buy one, click on the donate button and make sure to indicate it is for a crib and which orphanage (if you have a preference)

Nanyang needs a new milk kitchen and bathing room.
These cuties need rehab equipment. (Nanyang)

These little ones need toys-- they can be used! Take up a collection to send them-

These are our current urgent needs  right now.  You can make a donation right now by clicking on the DONATE button, or become a monthly contributor (by also clicking on that button).

Let's change some lives with some long distance love.

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