Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Thank you all who participated in our Scentsy fundraiser- I hope all your houses smell great now!

I don't have an exact total of how much we raised... but I know it's around $200!

Which can help in a lot of ways!

So now for the fun stuff.....

Here is a recap of the prizes....

A custom made "Love" shirt with China as the "O" made by Abby Myers.  I have 2 shirts made by her--- LOVE working with her... You can choose shirt color and fabric color and either adult or child size.  Her site is HERE   If you win the shirt--- you'll need to contact her. --- THIS IS TAKEN-- but Abby sells these shirts to raise money for their adoption-- so go support her and get fabulous shirts!

                                                       This bag is taken.....

                                                      This bag is taken....
These 4 bags are made by HKI mom, Jen, from here in CO.  Make sure you let me know which color you want.

This is the new "Got Love"  key fob-- donated by Kelly from the Minus 1 Project

Bracelets made by HKI mom, Bev (you choose 1).. these are beautiful!!!-- all 3 are taken....

The Wo ai ni (I love you) bracelet,   made by another HKI mom.--- TAKEN

Now... here are the winners.  This will be first come first serve-- so do have a second and third choice ready to go ladies!!!!!

1. Megan Kaeb--- shirt
2.  Katie Berseth
3. Codi Yokom--- blue and white bag
4.  Melissa Unruh--- bracelet
5.  Kathy Rimel---- bracelet
6.  Leah Nelson----
7.  Katie Nelson---- bracelet by Bev
8.  Tara Anderson-- black and white bag
9.  Kris Berseth
10.  Amy Raynes--- Wo ai Ni bracelet

Please email me  ASAP to claim your prize!  

Xia just returned from China-- so I have pictures and projects to share soon!  We should have our Google ordering system up and ready for Calendar orders next week!

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