Thursday, September 1, 2011

It's on

Like Donkey Kong.

Our fundraiser with one of my favorite companies is up and ready to go!

If you are already edukated educated on Scentsy and know what the dealio is, just go there now and shop.  Just make sure you shop for the Henan Kids party (link is on the left-hand side of the page- very obvious).

And Kelly has informed me that the new scent-- Festival of Trees-- is super good!

If I Scensty and you say What?
Let me tell you.

It's a warmer (and they are very high quality) that you plug in.  Inside is a light bulb (this comes with your warmer.  In the dish you put in  1, 2 (or if you really want some scent...3) cubes of the scent.  It melts, you breathe in good smelling stuff... your house no longer smells like wet dog, teenage boys, dirty diapers, or whatever else....

Check the Combine and Save section on the right when shopping- you can get some good deals.

Remember- place a $10 order or blog about this fundraiser (with link) and get entered to win a variety of prizes!

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