Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fundraising for Kaifeng

An HKI mom who has a son from Kaifeng wants to give back to the institution that helped care for her son for the first part of his life.... Kaifeng families:  will you please join her?

Here is Kaifeng's "Wish List":

1.       10 walkers

2.       10 Children eating chairs

3.       20 cribs

4.       10 cabinets

5.       formula

6.       Diapers

This Kaifeng mom has started it off with a $300 donation.. If you'd like to contribute- please click on the donate now button on the sidebar.  When you make your donation, you MUST indicate that it is for Kaifeng!

Would love to see lots of these items crossed off!  I don't have specific costs for the items.

And Thursday is our big kickoff for our fundraiser with Scentsy!!!!!!!!!!!

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