Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Still alive and kickin'!

Here it is-- 3 weeks since my last post.

Must be summer- I always slack in my blogging in the summer!

Here's the latest and greatest news...

I've been working on it quite a bit-- and thanks to you guys, there are some pretty cute faces of love in there!  I need mom with kiddo pics, dad with kiddo pics, Fall pics (I know, I'll have to wait for those...). But please feel free to send me any cute ones-- I'll continue to work on the calendar until end of October.  Ordering will start in mid-late September.

My friend, Kelly, over at Minus One Project (She does the Got Love? shirts) sells Scentsy and has generously offered to partner with HKI for a fundraiser.  Originally, this was slated for August- but since their new fall/winter scents and warmers don't come until September, I have postponed the fundraiser until September 1st.  There will be lots of prizes to give away as well to those who order...
like these bags handmade by HKI mom, Jen Wescott..

And these bracelets made by HKI mom Beverly..

Plus.. Kelly will be donating an item or two from her Got Love inventory, AND  Abbie, over at Life as I Know it will be donating a custom made (you choose colors and size) China tee:

Got something to donate?  Any thing?? PF Chang's gift card?  Do you make really cool things??? OR do you know someone who does??  Email me so that we can get them listed!

So help raise a lot of moolah for HKI in September with this fundraiser!

3. AUGUST FUNDRAISER:  Creative Side Bows
Cari, over at Creative Side bows is partnering with us in August.  Proceeds from items purchased from her Creative Side Bows for a Cause page  will go to HKI.  Note-- shop and buy all the cute little bows you can-- but note that only boys from that page will benefit HKI!   Cari will be changing the bows on that page this weekend-- so make sure to check back Saturday or Sunday to see what she has there! Only have boys??  Befriend someone who has a girl and shop for them!

I hope you are all having an awesome summer-- I know I am- busy in the pool, getting ready for Myrtle Beach, sad to see summer end.

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