Thursday, June 23, 2011

how your love changed their lives

Do y'all remember when I posted that we needed boys clothing and cleft bottles?

Like ASAP?

Well you guys rallied to the call and finally, here are the pictures of what you guys gave.

First, LuoHe:

And Zhengzhou:

Also at Zhengzhou, we remodeled a room so that volunteers would have a place to stay on site:

And here is the camera we bought for Zhengzhou LOCC:

And we bought a computer, an incubator and bouncy chairs for ZhuMaDian:

This is what we're all about folks.  Changing the lives of these little ones so that they can have a better start in life.

I hope you're all having a wonderful summer- keep the pictures coming! I love seeing them!  Coming up in August is our fundraiser with Scentsy!  And in September, we will begin the ordering process for our 2012 calendars.  I will continue to take pictures up until October, so don't put away your cameras!

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