Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Faces of Love

Your kids are adorable. No argument here.

You might want to start saving up to buy  a lot of these calendars. ($26 each, $10+ from each goes to HKI). They will go on sale in early September.  I will continue to accept pictures until it goes to print in late October, but the earlier you send them to me, the better.

Is it just me, or the kids from Henan just incredibly adorable? 
We raised $4,000 last year with this fundraiser.

This is the BIG ONE.  The Big Kahuna so to speak.  So make a flyer and tell people at work about it.  Because who wouldn't  want to spend a year looking at these faces changed through the love of their families.

These are the faces of loves.


  1. we do have some beautiful kids in here.

    i love the lion photo, btw.

  2. Ok. I have to send you some pictures...because I want one of these calendars and selfish me wants to see our cutie in there! :)