Sunday, May 29, 2011

A little something for a little someone...

Amy Raynes, one of our awesome HKI moms, just got herself a screen printer, and she made some cute shirts for me to give away...

The Chinese characters are for "happiness" and here is Amy's reason why:

"The characters are for "happiness".  My daughter's special need was delayed development (motor and speech) so one of her few words when she finally starting talking some was "happy"...she doesn't like anyone to frown or look sad, so "happiness" was perfect :0)"

And here is a picture of said cutie:

So... I want to make this a give away for those WAITING to bring a little one home.  There are 3 shirts available, two are size 2T (one neutral, one for a girl) and one is a 4T (neutral).  They do run a bit small- they are done on Cherokee shirts from Target.

So if you have been matched and have a picture that makes your heart ache,  and if he or she will fit into one of these shirts, here's what you have to do to enter:

Leave a comment letting us know who you're adopting, where she/he is from and when you expect to travel!

And keep the calendar pictures coming-- oh my--- this will be an amazing calendar!!!!


  1. We are adopting a cutie from Kaifeng. Not sure if I'm allowed to share his Chinese name here, but we're calling him Andrew (after my grandfather).

    He'll be 2 on July 3 and we had hoped to be there by then, but it's looking like that won't work out. We're close, though! We're waiting to be cabled, so we hope to travel in July or maybe August. :)

  2. We are adopting from Zhengzhou, Henan! A little girl, Lizzie Lan. We should be picking her up the end of June!!! She will be 2 in August. We are just waiting on our TA!!! Can't wait! Love reading all your wonderful brings me such joy and such hope...and of course, HAPPINESS!!!

  3. We are adopting 2. Nate YuMing is from Luoyang. He will be 4 in June. Mae Xuan will be two in September and is from Xuchang. We are praying for travel approval before 8/1.

  4. We are adopting a little boy - he's 3 and a half right now. We hope to travel this winter, early winter! Just heard that our Letter of Intention is being translated right now. Jiangsu is the provence that he's in. He's special focus, so we're waiting to hear if there will be another - so excited! We have 2 from Ethiopia, and 5 home-growns (that have actually sprouted out of the house and on their own).

  5. We were matched 2 weeks ago with our second Henan girl, Dang Cai Tian. She is a Luoyang girl and we are hoping and praying we travel by August! Both of our girls were diagnosed delayed so I LOVE the story about the t-shirts!

  6. We have a little boy who will be 3 in July from the Pingdingshan SWI, Henan. We found him through reece's rainbow (, he has down syndrome. We have gone a bit backwards in this. Found him first and then started our paperwork so we are hoping to travel dec/jan. We have 3 bio kids Nathan, 5, Katelyn, 4, and Analeigh, 1. We can't wait to get our little guy, Caleb Aaron, home!!