Thursday, May 5, 2011

Got Boy?

First-- thank you all so so very much for your quick response to Zhengzhou's need for clothes and bottles.  I think we have about 7-8 people sending boxes of clothes and 2 people that I know of sending bottles.  What a great way for parents of cleft children to give back- please consider buying some cleft bottles and mailing them to Zhengzhou!

Second, I have two unclaimed prizes from 31 Gifts:

mini zippered pouch in onyx medallion and zippered pouch in paparazzi dot...sooo

if you'd like to have one of them- leave a comment  by tomorrow night, and we'll do a drawing for them!

I have this cute little guy to give away...

It's a 3T, but it fits more like an 18 month- 2T.  If you've got (or are expecting!!!) a cute little guy who would fit into this shirt.. leave a comment and I'll draw a name tomorrow night!

And don't forget to keep shopping at By Grace Design (the shirt above is from there) and put "Henan Kids" in the referral code when checking out.


  1. Would love to win some 31 product. Unfortunately was just unable to order in time.

  2. Me! Me! The T-shirt would be cute for my little one (but she's a gal!)

  3. I got lucky with my first go round but would love another 31 product. There's no time like the present to prep for Christmas with my three little ladies :-)

  4. ooh, I love that t-shirt. I think it would fit my little Noah perfectly.

  5. I already won a bag, but I wouldn't turn down another one. :) Thirty-one bags are awesome!!

  6. My daughter was whining for a 31 bag and I didn't buy her one....bad mommy ;o) So if I won one it would redeem me.

  7. Would love a free gift ;0)