Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Calendar Time!

Next week I'll be able to start putting the 2012 HKI calendar. (Don't freak out- I won't finish it until we order it in October, but I'll start arranging pictures this summer)

And some of you are holding out on me.

And you know who you are.

And here are some pictures for inspiration...

As a reminder, only Henan families can participate. All pictures must have your Henan cutie in them.  We need pictures that fall in the following categories:
*Seasonal (i.e. outside in nature- snow, fall, flowers, beach, etc)
*holiday (4th of July, etc)
*Adoption travel (gotcha day, etc)

Feel free to photo shop- love black and whites, sepia, etc.  Try to choose pictures that are close up so and don't have randomness in the background (like random people, random objects, etc..)

If you can, please rename your picture with your last name and a number (i.e. smith1.jpeg)

And finally.. email them to me in small batches (by small batch I mean no more than 3 as I have a wimpy-sized inbox).  I WILL send you a confirmation email that I received your pictures.  If you don't receive an email, that means I didn't get them.

So have fun selecting and taking pictures! I can't wait to see what this calendar will look like!

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