Sunday, May 1, 2011

10 is a good number

All righty folks!  I have not 1.

All right, 8?

uh- uh.

I've got TEN! gifts from 31 Gifts to give away.  How fun is that?

For those of you wondering how I choose names, I found a "random name selector" program online.  I type in the names and it spits 'em out!  For this give away, I will announce the winners in pairs.  The first two have their choice of prizes, which are.... (ones crossed out have already been chosen)

1.  Mini retro metro bag in navy
2.  Retro metro bag in navy mod dot
3.  Picnic Thermal in St. Andrews
4.  All in 1 organizer in Circle Celebration
5.  Little Carry All in Impressionist Dot
6.  Mini Zipper Pouch in Onyx Medallion
7.  Thermal tote in floral fanfare
8.  Zipper Pouch in Paparazzi Dot
9.  Cosmetic bag in Onyx Medallion
10.  Jewelry Pouch and roll in Onyx Medallion

Every Day, I will announce two winners.  And they will get to pick what they would like. I have items 1, 2, 4, and 5 ready to ship.  The others won't be ready to ship for another 2 weeks- just in case timing is an issue in helping you decide.

And before I announce the first two winners.... Please don't forget to visit By Grace Designs  for our May fundraiser.  the Mom shirts are so much fun- I always get a comment when I wear my Mom to the fifth tee! If you do place an order or tell others-- don't forget to fill in HENAN KIDS as the referral code when checking out!

OK.... The first two lucky gals are.....

1.  Teresa Haskin


2.  Michelle Burke

Congratulations ladies!!!!! Please email me  to pick out your free gift!!!!

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