Friday, April 8, 2011

so far...

all righty folks. So far with our {31} fundraiser, we have raised $64 dollars!  not bad for 1 week.  I know the link's been giving us grief. It is working right now-- as far as I know. if it doesn't, PLEASE email me !!!! And remember -- place your order by next Friday if you want your items for the first week of May!  My goal is to be able to fully fund the cabinets or the walkers/bouncers.

If you haven't already- take a gander at the 3 families either in China or preparing to leave next week.  Let's encourage them during their journeys and provide any helpful advice!

And take a look at this beauty.  Can you say Spring?

                                                        love the flowers and angle.

What a great picture for June 2012!

Thanks guys!  Keep sending them in!

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  1. Add $30 from Bits of the Past! Please email me your address so when money is collected I can mail.