Tuesday, April 5, 2011

a preview...

Some of you are on the ball and have already sent me pictures for the 2012 calendar. 

Go ahead.  Give yourself a pat on the back.

And if you thought 2011 was good. Just wait.

So if you're new to the HKI calendar scene or are just fresh out of ideas-- take a gander and get inspired!

Just a reminder of what kind of photos we're looking for:  winter/snow/Christmas, brothers/sisters hugging/kissing for February, Chinese New Year, great beach and summer shots, for spring-- outside with lots of flowers or in the rain, for fall- outside with leaves, pumpkins, changing tree colors, pictures of mom with kiddos, pictures of dad with kiddos, pictures of kiddos with kiddos. 

You get the idea.

Ha!!! This one takes the cake! LOVE IT!!!!  Yes-- black and white is great!  You can send in professional photos AS LONG AS you have the photographer's permission!!!

And even better news?  We are only $460 away from the $5,000 we need for Zhoukou therapy room.  Come on Zhoukou families-- make it happen!!!! What better way to honor your child's past than to help those still there?

So get your camera and start clickin'!!

PS-- I reposted the link to the 31 catalog for those of you who kindly let me know it wasn't working (Thank you!)  so see the prvious post to order some cute gifts!!!!

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