Friday, April 15, 2011

Letter from Josh...

Joshua Zhong (head of CCAI, in particular, the fundraising/charity side) just got back from Henan, and he will be emailing this letter out to all families who have adopted a special needs child from Henan.  He has given me permission to post it first on the blog:

We want to share some great news with you: the Henan Civil Affairs Bureau has agreed to extend our CCAI-Henan Partnership for an additional three years!

Since April 2008, as a result of over one million dollars’ charitable investment, the tireless efforts of our Charity Team in China, and, most importantly, your trust and support, close to 700 Henan children have been placed with loving families like yours.  700 lives that could have been lost are now flourishing with dignity, love, hope, and endless opportunities.

Over the next three years, we are expecting to place up to 1,000 more Henan children with special needs.  We need your help to accomplish this exciting goal!

Children with special needs need special families who are wiling to take on the additional challenges to parent and love a child either with medical conditions or at an older age (or both!), who are willing to take the risk of making a decision based on sometimes limited medical information, and who truly see adoption not only as a way to build a family but also as a way to make a difference in a child’s life.

As someone who has “been there and done that,” we need your continued support to spread the word of the needs of these special children, to refer prospective families to CCAI, to share with them the struggles and successes you experienced, to advise us on how to improve our Waiting Child service, and to help us educate and prepare families for the incredible journey of bringing a special child into their family.

We know many families have had a wonderful experience.  We are also aware of and understand the challenges some families have faced or are still facing in adopting and parenting a child with special needs, either due to age or medical condition.  Your experience and insight is so valuable in helping us to educate and prepare prospective families!

Lily and I became involved in China adoption 19 years ago because we wanted to bring hope to abandoned Chinese children. Today we still feel that same pull, especially with the Waiting Child Program.

So please, help us bring hope to more special children in Henan through referral or charity involvement!

Thank you!

Lily and Josh 

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