Wednesday, April 13, 2011

I knew I could count on you guys!

Wow.  You guys amaze me!

So let's re-cap what our projects were...

3 washers for Kaifeng?

Paid for by a Kaifeng family.

The therapy room in ZhouKou ended up already being funded by a business in ZhouKou, so instead, they asked for money for instruments and art supplies for the 100 older children.

Paid for by a ZhouKou family.

One of the smaller projects... (bouncers/walkers)

Paid for by a LuoHe family.

Our 31 Gifts fundraiser?

We have $75 so far, plus $30 from Suzy's Etsy store, plus $50 from another family, which equals....$155.
So we should be able to fund another small project.

And we have plenty left over to help fund LuoHe's BIG project.

Keep it comin' folks.  I love nothing better than to tell Xia that we have the money for each and every project.

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  1. We'd like to donate $50... Should I just send a check to you? Or is there a paypal account? Let me know! Deb and Steve