Tuesday, April 19, 2011


As of last Friday, April 15th, we had $4,837 in our HKI account.

Then we spent $675 on 3 washers for Kaifeng

And then $360 on bouncers and walkers for various new orphanages.

And then $944 on musical instruments for Zhoukou

And then $1490 for 10 washers for Zhoukou

Which leaves us with $1368- which I would like to use to renovate a room and bathroom in Zhengzhou for foreign volunteers to work in their LOCC.

We will use the money from our 31 gifts fundraiser to buy a camera for Zhengzhou and then to buy clothing /diapers for them as they are in dire need of clothing 0-24 months (if you'd like to send clothing to them, email me and I can give you the address.)

Here are our next two fundraisers:

In May, we are partnering with By Grace Designs.  I love her shirts!!! Take a look at what I call the "Exponential Mom" shirt:

What a fun way to tell people how many kids you have!!! This would make a fun Mother's Day gift.  Here are some of her other designs:

There's LOTS more-- shirts for Dads as well!  We will receive a certain percentage (I think it's $5) from each shirt when you enter our promotion code (to be determined)  So this will start May 1st and run through the month of May!

For June, my husband is in the process of organizing a run-a-thon!  What will this look like?  In a nutshell, you'll get people to sponsor you per mile or per race you run during the month of June.  You can walk or run, race or just get out there. For example, I plan on running 2 races in June.  I would get people to sponsor either per mile (I'll do 20 total racing) or for each  race.  They'll do everything ONLINE-- you don't have to do a thing but ASK!  So if you run-- start planning your races!  Start making a list of everyone (think Christmas card lists) you know!

I would like these two fundraisers to raise money for LuoHe's big project, which is about $9,000.

Also- as Josh stated in his letter, we have over 700 Henan kids here (now some families are repeat offenders, like us!)  Imagine what we could do if every family committed to donating just $10 every month.

That's a couple of fancy Starbucks drinks.

Or 2 kids meals.

Or 5 bags of black jelly beans (ya know- if you're addicted to that sort of thing )

How cool would it be to have $7,000 in our account every month for projects?

So I encourage you to sit down this week and see if this is something your family could commit to.  Maybe it's $5?

If it is, click on our new "DONATE NOW" button up top!!! and fill out the donation form, making sure to say it's for general HKI fund, monthly.  CCAI will email you a credit card authorization form WHICH YOU MUST FILL OUT!  Then each month they will take that amount out of your credit card and they will email you your tax receipt.  It's that easy!

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  1. Emily, I can't wait for the "By Grace Designs" fundraiser to start. These shirts are so cool!! I'm glad I haven't bought one before because now I can get some and have the money go to a great cause!!

    Thanks for all your hard work!!