Saturday, April 2, 2011

{31} ways to help*** Updated***

***Update:  Mandie will be placing 2 orders.  The first will be on April 15th.  If you place an order by April 15th, your items will be here for Mother's Day.  The 2nd order will be on April 28th. 

****Update:  We are only $1,000 short of being able to FULLY FUND the special needs therapy room in ZhouKou.  Please help HKI help these little ones receive the early therapy they desperately need!!!!!

31 gifts consultant and Henan mom, Mandie, is helping HKI this month and donating 25% of her profits during the month of April to HKI. 

That's HUGE.

My hope is that we can fully fund at least 1, if not 2, of our smaller projects with this fundraiser.

What is 31 Gifts?  In a word, wonderful, fun gifts.  Click here to visit our specific "HKI Party Page"    (if that link doesn't work, copy and past this address:
Then shop for a cause.

There are great ideas for Mother's Day, Graduation, birthdays, baby/adoption showers, you name it.

Here are some ideas...

This, my friends, is the retro metro bag.  LOVE IT!  I ordered this a few months ago- and it is the best bag ever! I used it on y trip to Illinois and it rocks. It fits bigger books, coloring books, etc- but it doesn't look frumpy.

This is the ultimate picnic blanket.  Nylon on the down side, fleece on the upside.  Sick of bringing home the whole park with you?  Yep.  So am I. 

GREAT idea for babysitters or as a graduation gift.  A little wristlet wallet.  Choose the pattern you like!

I got 2 of these for my girls and had them personalized.  They'll make great bags for the library, for bringing their Bibles to church.  Love.

I got this one for Luke.  The dude needs something for his money. 

Now it gets better.  Any hostess gifts I earn (since technically I am hosting) will be used as giveaways for y'all.  But in order to qualify- you have to do 1 of 3 things (or even better- do them all!) 

1.  Post about this event on your blog WITH a link to Mandie's page.  If you are unsure of how to do that, email me, and I will walk you through it.  If you order things, or already have some, copy and paste pictures from the catalog online and blog about them!!! You will receive 1 entry for your blog post.  Leave a comment with a link to your blog

2.  You will receive 1 entry for every $25 you spend.  Leave a comment telling me how many entries you get.

3.  Tell someone about this event- and if they order something, you receive an entry.  Again, leave a comment.

How many times can you shop and 25% goes to charity?  And remember, every. single. dime.  goes to the orphanages and projects.  There is NO administrative overhead.  I do not get paid.  Every single cent goes towards the projects we fund. 

So shop for yourself, for a friend or even get some early Christmas shopping out of the way.  I'd like to see those bouncers and walkers paid for by the end of this month!!!


  1. Unable to look at the link. Could you please tell me how to get into it. I would like to place an order. I like the bags from this company.

  2. I posted it on my blog :)