Saturday, April 16, 2011

31 Gifts, Part 2, Zhoukou and Zhengzhou needs

We raised $154 with the first half of our 31 Gifts fundraiser!!!!  Mandie will placing the order this morning.  Thank you all for participating so far!

Zhouzhou families--- Zhoukou has several projects that need our help!  We still need:
 about $350 for the instruments/art supplies project
$1490 for 10 washing machines

Zhengzhou families!
The orphanage would like to renovate a room so that foreigners (2 girls will be staying to volunteer this summer) can stay at the orphanage.  Luohe has a similar room for volunteers.  Zhengzhou LOCC would also like a camera  so that it does not have to borrow the orphanage's camera.  This is $300.

Go HERE (button coming soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!) to donate.  PLEASE! make sure that when you donate to specify that it is for HKI and for what project.  If you don't have a certain project in mind, then just make sure it is for HKI.  

Here is the NEW link for shopping for 31 Gifts for HKI through April 28th:

Have a great weekend everyone! 

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