Sunday, April 17, 2011

2, 4, and 9

very cool numbers.

especially when this: $, is in front of them.


That is how much money we have raised with 31 Gifts!!!!  Just yesterday and today, with the second half of our fundraiser, we have raised $95!!!! Thanks to each and every one of you who has ordered or helped spread the word.

Speaking of.. if 31 just ain't your thing or not in the budget- please help spread the word through your blog or Facebook, or old fashioned word of mouth.  If you do-- you'll also be entered into our giveaway drawing.

And I got to pick out the items.

Some are big.

Some are small.

But they are all really cool.

And I have a feeling I'll get to pick out some more once this thing is all over and done with!

So, here's the link again:

And in the words of one of our HKI moms who ordered quite a bit:  "It's for the kids."

At least that's what I'll tell my husband :)

Also-- check out our sidebar-- we have two families getting their kids  this week- so check out their blogs, leave encouraging comments, and give good advice!!! We've all been there!

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