Thursday, March 31, 2011

Love is an action verb

I used to teach junior high English.  And I loved to teach grammar.  And in grammar, we learn that there are two types of verbs:  Being and Action.  Am, is, are, were are examples of being verbs.  They show a state of, well, being.  But then we have action verbs, and as the name connotes, they DO something. 

And I want HKI to be an action verb. 

Xia is back.

And she came back with a list of things that need to get done.

This is why we have HKI; to help meet the needs of the orphanages so that they can provide better care to the children.

Did your child have surgery while there?
Were they in a foster home?
Were they in a LOCC (Lily Orphan Care Center)?
Did they have a CD player to listen to or new diapers?

If the answer is "yes" to any of these, it is likely due to people over here caring about orphans over there.
And then DOING something. 

It is not enough to just pray for these children or think of doing something someday.

We need to put actions behind our words.

We need to care for the least of these.

So here they are... the projects, and some beautiful faces to remind you who we are doing this for.

We have two HUGE projects that need some major funding.  I am still waiting to hear from CCAI as to how much money we exactly have in our account.

1.  $5,000 for the ZhouKou orphanage.  They are setting up a therapy room for special needs kids. the money will be used to buy equipment.

2.  $9,000 for LuoHe orphanage.  This amount is the total cost to build a glass house on top of the roof of the orphanage in which to dry clothing and diapers.  Right now, they drape the clothes on trees or on the grass and clothing is getting stolen.  This will also help dry clothes when the power goes off as well, or when it is rainy. They would appreciate any help we might be able to give to this project.

We have a handful of smaller projects.  These have been requested from JiYuan, HeBi, PingDingShan, KaiFeng and ZhuMaDian orphanages:

1.  $924 for 3 washers at Kaifeng

2.  $180 for 50 walkers for HeBi and JiYuan

3.  $180  for bouncy chairs

4.  $200 for a cabinet to store clothing

5. $????  needed for diapers (do not have an exact amount)

6. $???? for toys

If you see a project you'd look to completely or partially fund, then click here .  In the space provided, specify which project you'd like to help.

Tomorrow our April fundraiser begins.  You can click here to begin ordering. (The page will not be ready until Friday, April 1st!!!)  This sale will close April 28th.   I will be posting more about this fundraiser this weekend.  Remember that 25% of the amount you spend goes to HKI!!!!

Also, this is the season to garage sell!!!  We will be having one in May, complete with our bi-annual bake sale.  (Banana breads sell really well!!) Have several families or your neighborhood host a garage sale with all proceeds going to HKI! 

Ask your church if the youth can raise money for HKI doing a car wash, or a special offering. 

Love is an action verb, not a state of being.   And with love, we can change lives.

Are you planning something?  Did you decide to donate to a project?  Let me know in the Comments what you're planning on DOing!

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  1. Hi, I follow your blog and I have a little girl from the Henan province. I forgot to ask for your permission, but I was touched by your blog post and put it in my own blog. I hope this is ok! Next time I will ask! I want to help somehow, however, I just recently had to stop working so I can spend more time with Maggie, our daughter. You see, she has many issues from her life in the orphanage. I wish there was some way we could have better prepared ourselves for how many issues an older child has. Please keep our family in your prayers as we continue to adjust. We love her so much and want her to feel comfortable, especially with her mommy. Here is my blog so you can follow our family as well:

    Also,I have started an Etsy shop. Because I believe so strongly in supporting the orphanages in Henan, I would like to donate 20% of whatever is sold. This is the only financial way we can help at this time, but I am feeling a strong pull to support. Here is my blog which will lead people to my Etsy shop. I just created this. It is my way of creating an outlet in the evening after my long days.