Monday, March 7, 2011

LuoYang Families...

Xia is in Henan for the month of March.  When she is there, she visits many of the orphanages to assess their needs and to see which children should have their papers ready for adoption.  I know that she will be visiting Zhoukou to see what, if any, special funds they might need.  So in April, we should have a list of projects to begin paying for!

We also have a fundraiser set up for the month of April- if you like purses, bags, and such from Thirty one, then you'll love our fundraiser! I just received two bags from Thirty one and L-O-V-E them!!!!

I also have a request from a LuoYang family, the Yamamotos:

"I am looking for photos of my son while he was in orphanage. The photos from the camera we sent to China did not come out. We did not receive many photos or updated photos while we waited to travel to China and want to search for anyone who may have had a child in the same area of the building. I have attached 2 photos probably taken around January of 2010.

Chinese Name - Dang Yu Qiang
Date of Birth – 11-16/2007
Arrived at Luoyang City Social Welfare Institute February 2008.
Adopted 10-10-2010

--Sheri Yamamoto

Here are pictures of her son:
If you can help Sheri, please email her here.


  1. We have some photos of our daughter taken at Louyang SWI around the end of July 2010, but very few have any other kids in them and the ones that do don't seem to have Yu Qiang. Sorry.

  2. I just received a couple of Thirty-One bags too. Love them! Can't wait for the fundraiser!